FIA will strongly support Formula E, WRC plans in India - Todt

FIA will strongly support Formula E, WRC plans in India - Todt
Feb 26, 2019, 4:47 AM

FIA will do everything in its capacity to support an event of WRC or Formula E’s scale in India, according to the president of the governing body Jean Todt.

Attempts have been made to host both WRC and Formula E events in India since the demise of the Indian Grand Prix left a big hole in the country’s motorsport calendar.

However, plans to hold such A-list events have failed to come to fruition and the only international events to be held in the country since Formula 1’s exit have been of Asian level.

Tost said that while FIA will use its influential power to utmost level to help India stage a truly global international event, the onus is on the country to come up with a definite plan for such a race or rally.

“Due to size of India, India could host any kind of event and should host any kind of event,” Todt said during the FMSCI Awards when asked what challenges India faces in hosting a WRC rally or a Formula E race. 

“So [India] just need to make a plan, to have a roadmap and then stick to it. And clearly all the contribution I will be able to do for you to achieve that, I will do it.

“Not only myself but everybody at the FIA - we’ll put as much influence you need to make things happen.

“But it has to start from you. The initiative has to come from you. The guidance will come from you. And then we’ll support it. You can host any kind of event because everything is available.”

Todt stressed that for India to have a higher representation in global racing series, it must focus its effort on improving the karting infrastructure in the country.

“Grassroot, I mean karting,” he said. “Karting is not a very expensive category of motorsport. You have a lot of potential sponsors, you have a lot of manufacturers in India, so invite them.

“And you have had and you still have very skilled drivers in India but we must speak and think about the future generation. It’s absolutely essential that you are able to be the new generation. And starting from karting.

“If you look at the single seater pyramid, it’s something we are building again - Formula 4, Formula 3, Formula 2, Formula 1 - it starts with karting. So you should encourage young contribution of that.”

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