Rangasamy named Upcoming Motorsports Person of The Year by FMSCI

Rangasamy named Upcoming Motorsports Person of The Year by FMSCI
Feb 25, 2019, 1:59 PM

Raghul Rangasamy was conferred with the ‘Upcoming Motorsports Person of the Year’ honour at the annual FMSCI award gala in Mumbai on Monday.

Rangasamy bagged the top prize after a hugely successful 2018 season in which he won titles in both the MRF F1600 and the JK Tyre Formula LGB categories.

The Chennai-based driver personally received the top prize from FIA President Jean Todt, who also served as the chief guest of the event.

Other national-level champions including Karthik Tharani (JK Tyre Euro JK Series), Debarun Banerjee (Karting Senior Max), Gaurav Gill (rallying), Jagan Kumar (Super Sport 165cc) were also felicitated at the award ceremony.

In addition, GT stalwart Armaan Ebrahim, single-seater convert Anindith Reddy, European F3 race winner Jehan Daruvala, rally ace Amittrajit Ghosh and several other racers were honoured for representing India on the international map.

GR Karthikeyan, father of India’s former Formula 1 driver Karthikeyan, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary contribution to Indian motorsport.

Finally, Mira Erda and Sneha Sharma, both of which recently took part in the W Series shootout, were also awarded along with fellow female racer Shriya Lohia.

“We are entering the golden period of Indian motorsports,” FMSCI President J Prithviraj said. “We have events in virtually all the disciplines possible and our boys and girls are competing and winning at the world level, like never before. We are going to introduce many other exciting verticals very soon.

Full awards list:

Lifetime achievement award: G R Karthikeyan

Upcoming Motorsport person of the year: Raghul Rangasamy

JK Tyres FMSCI National Racing Championship

Euro JK 18: Karthik Tharani; LGB Formula 4: Raghul Rangasamy; Champion Team (LGB Formula 4): Msport; Rookie Driver (LGB Formula 4): Sohil Shah

MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Racing Championship

MRF FF 1600: Raghul Rangasamy; FLGB 1300: Sohil Shah; Champion Team (FLGB 1300): Msport; Super Stock K Srinivas Teja; Champion Team (Super Stock ):Performance Racing; Indian Junior Touring Cars: AS Prabhu; Champion Team( Indian Junior Touring Cars):  Arka Motorsports; Indian Touring Cars: Ashish Ramaswamy; Champion Team (Indian Touring Cars): Arka Motorsports     

FMSCI Indian National Autocross Championship

Driver Stock (2-wheel drive upto 1400 cc ):Sahil Khanna; Driver Stock( 2-wheel drive Over 1400 cc upto 1650 cc): Samrat Yadav; Driver Stock (2-wheel drive Over 1650 cc) Arjun Rao; Driver Open (2-wheel drive upto 1400 cc): Abhishek Mishra; Driver Open (2-wheel drive, over 1400 cc upto 1650 cc): Dean Mascarenhas;  Driver Open (2-wheel drive Over 1650 cc): Arjun Rao; Driver (Open, Unrestricted): Abhishek Mishra; Driver (Ladies):  Bani Yadav  

MMSC FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship         

Driver Indian (Open Stock Body): Vivek Ramachander; Driver Indian (Open Altered Body): Jayant V; Driver Indian (Touring Cars): Kasha Sai; Driver (Unrestricted Class): Vivek Ramachander

MRF FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship   

Driver Overall INRC:  Gaurav Gill; Co-Driver Overall INRC: Musa Sherif; Team Overall: INRC Mahindra Adventure; Driver (INRC 1):  Gaurav Gill; Co-Driver (INRC 1): Musa Sherif; Team (INRC 1): Mahindra Adventure; Driver( INRC 2 ):Karna Kadur; Co-Driver( INRC 2 ): Nikhil V Pai; Team (INRC 2): Arka Motorsports; Driver (INRC 3): Aroor Vikram Rao; Co-Driver (INRC 3): Somayya A.G; (Team INRC 3):  Falkon Motorsports                                                                

 Meco Motor Sports FMSCI National Rotax Max Karting Championship

 Micro Max: Ishaan Madesh; Team (Micro Max ): Peregrine Racing; Junior Max Shahan Ali Mohsin; Team (Junior Max) Msport; Senior Max: Debarun Banerjee; Team (Senior Max): MSport          

MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship     

Rider (Pro Stock 301-400 cc): Satyanarayana Raju; Team (Pro Stock 301-400 cc): Gusto Racing India; Manufacturer: (Pro Stock 301-400 cc KTM); Rider (Super Sport Indian upto 165 cc): Jagan Kumar; Team (Super Sport Indian upto 165 cc): TVS Racing; Manufacturer (Super Sport Indian upto 165 cc): TVS; Rider (Pro Stock upto 165 cc): Anish D Shetty; Team( Pro Stock upto 165 cc):  Honda Ten10 Racing; Manufacturer  (Pro Stock upto 165 cc): Honda; Rider (Stock upto 165 cc Girls): Ann Jenifer; Team (Stock upto 165 cc Girls ): Sparks Racing; Manufacturer (Stock upto 165 cc Girls): Yamaha; Rider (Stock upto 165 cc): Karthik Mateti; Team (Stock upto 165 cc): Sparks Racing; Manufacturer (Stock upto 165 cc): Yamaha     

MMSC FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship                                               

Rider (2 Stroke upto 130 cc):  Hussain Khan; Rider (2 Stroke 131 to 165cc): Hussain Khan; Rider (4 Stroke upto 165 cc): Aravind Ganesh; Rider (4 Stroke 166 to 225 cc): Harshil Thakur; Rider (4 Stroke 226 to 360 cc): Shankar Guru;  Rider(4 Stroke 361 to 550 cc): R Ashwin Kumar; Rider( 4 Stroke 851 to 1050 cc): Hemant Mudappa; Rider( 4 Stroke 1051 & above): Hemant Mudappa; Rider (4 Stroke Unrestricted): Hemant Mudappa; Team:  Mantra Racing

MRF MOGRIP FMSCI National Supercross Championship

Rider (Group A SX1 2 Stroke 250 cc & 4 Stroke 500 cc): Harith Noah; Rider (Group C 2/4 Stroke: 260 cc Novice) Imran Pasha;  Rider( Group C  2/4 Stroke:260 cc Indian Expert):  Imran Pasha; Rider( Group C 2/4 Stroke 260 cc Expert): Jagdeesh Kumar; Rider (Group A SX2 2 Stroke 250 cc & 4 Stroke 500 cc): Saijith ES; Rider( Junior SX 1 2/4 Stroke 250 cc): Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh;  Rider  (Junior SX 2 2/4 Stroke 250 cc )Sarthak Chavan

MRF MOGRIP FMSCI National Rally Championship

Overall R Nataraj; Rider (Super Bike Pro Expert Group A Rider): R Nataraj;  Rider (Super Bike Expert Group A Rider): Jatin Jain; Rider (Super Sport 130 cc Group B Rider):  Rakesh Kumar V; Rider (Super Sport 165 cc Group B Rider ): Imran Pasha J; Rider (Super Sport 260 cc Group B Rider) Rajendra R.E.; Rider (Super Sport 400 cc Group B Rider ): Venu Ramesh Kumar; Rider( Super Sport 550 cc Group B Rider): Vinit Sharma; (Rider Scooters Group B Rider): Pinkesh Thakkar; Rider( Ladies Class): Aishwarya P.M.

Outstanding Achievement In World Motorsport

Abhilash PG: Winner APRC  2 Cup for Drivers;  Abdul Wahid: 2nd Overall in category of Rally of Morocco  , a FIM Cross Country World Championship Event; Armaan Ebrahim: Podium in Lamborgini Super Trofeo Asia; Anindith Reddy K: Podium in Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia; Amittrajit Ghosh:Podium ERC Acropolis Rally ERC 2 Driver; Ashwin Naik: Podium ERC Acropolis Rally ERC 2 Co-Driver; Jehan Daruvala: Several Podiums in FIA Euro F3 Championship; Karthik Matei: 2nd in Asia Cup of Road Racing (Indonesia Round); Musa Sherif: Winner APRC 2 Cup for Co-Drivers; Malsawndawngliana: 2nd in Asia Cup of Road Racing India Round.

Outstanding Women in Motorsports 

Mira Erda; Sneha Sharma; Shriya Lohia

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